Q and A
Q: Do I need a specific license?
A: No just a valid driver’s license is required

Q: How do I get started?
A: Go to the rental you are interested in, then check available dates then go to the bottom of page and fill out PayPal and submit.  

Q: Could I pay the entire deposit now to reserve?
A: Yes it will save time

Q: Can I pay with Cashier’s Check for the deposit?
A: No Paypal will insure your reservation much faster.

Q: How is the deposit used?
A: The deposit is only used as a security deposit, cleaning fees, dumping fees and any extra miles and times used on the generator (If applicable) will be deducted from the deposit. Deposit is mailed to you with-in 5-7 business days after the return.

Q: How do I pay for the time used?
A: Pay cash for the days rented upon pick up. We will send you a rental agreement via email with the totals before the date you pick up the RENTAL and address of pick up.

Q: How much are the dumping fees?
A: If we have to dump the tanks we charge $100.00 from your deposit.

Q: Can I clean and dump the waste myself before dropping it off?
A: Yes we encourage you do that before dropping the unit off, simply go online for the closest dumping station. 

Q: Is a day considered a 24 hour period?
A: Yes the pick up times are 10am, noon and 2pm the day of pick up is considered one day there is a three day minimum and drop off times are 5pm. Any additional hours after the first hour you will be charged $25 and taken out of your deposit.

Q: Are pets ok?
A: Each rental is different and is posted on the website page

​Q: What about insurance?
A: In most cases your insurance may cover you for those days you use it. We can give you the VIN number and check with your insurance. If renting a travel trailer please have a current copy of your insurance policy of the truck towing the trailer. 

Q: Can I get insurance through you?
A: No unfortunate we can not offer that at this time. 

Q: Can we tow anything?
A: Yes there is an additional $15 per day fee to tow behind a Motor Home. 

Q: Is there a charge to use the generator?
A: We will give you 10 free hours per day and $3.00 after (Motor homes) We offer a separate generator for travel trailers if wanted with unlimited hours (You fill with gas). 

Q: Can I cancel my reservation?
A: You may cancel your reservation up to 20 days prior to the pick-up date and you will be refunded your reservation down payment. With less notice there will be a $100 cancellation fee. Please email the cancellation in writing to leisuretimerental@gmail.com and note the dates you wish to cancel for and the name the reservation was under.

Q: How do I go about adding my Rental to this website?
A: Simply go to "List my Rental" and fill out what is needed. Someone will respond back within 24 hours.

Q: How long does it take to get my Rental into this program?
A: I could have your Rental posted in 48 hours once we receive the necessary docs and pics.

Q: How much do you charge to have my Rental go through your rental program?
A: I charge 20% of the rental fees 30% if I have to check them out and in. 

Q: How do I pay for that?
A: I will bill you once the rental leaves that day through PayPal 

Q: Can I put an enclosed or open trailer in this program too?
A: Yes we are currently looking for more of those type of trailers.

Q: Can I put an exotic car through your rental program?
A: Not yet but soon. 

Q: Is there a charge for interior cleaning if we do not return the RV clean?
A: Yes a minimum of $87 per hour (We use Molly Maids) ​